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    Teak is a safe and natural alternative to ozone-depleting materials and substances. We incorporate teak into surprising and intuitive features of our custom built homes…take for instance…the shower floor.

    Not only does teak wood NOT contain any HCFCs (chemicals with ozone depletion potential), but the trees in teak wood plantations actually help to limit damage to the ozone, and they help to capture the CO2 emitted by millions of cars on a daily basis.

    Teak wood is a natural element that requires little to no processing involved in its manufacture.

    Natural or minimally processed plant based products, such as teak, can be considered eco-friendly because – in contrast to artificial materials – they require low energy use, low risk of chemical release, minimal chemical use and teak wood does not need to undergo an extensive industrial processes.

    Teak is renowned for its exceptional longevity and low maintenance.

    Teak is one of the most sought-after and durable of all woods because of if it’s impressive ability to stand up to the elements. It’s exceptional durability makes teak wood “green” because it’s maintenance has very low impact on the environment and because it also doesn’t require rapid replacement. Why is teak a great material for a shower floor? Well, there are some distinct advantages, such as these:

    It is Durable and Strong, Waterproof, Low-Maintenance and Long-Lasting.


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