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    Robert Capaldo

    Capaldo Builders was founded in 2007.

    As a young man, Robert Capaldo began his career in construction as a finished carpenter and has had the unique opportunity to work his way up through the trades, obtaining hands on experience in the industry and went on to gain his formal education in Business Administration. Prior to Capaldo Builders he has held superintendent and management positions for several national custom home builders.

    Capaldo Builders was created out of a desire and commitment to create quality custom built homes through our intense dedication to detail and proper planning. We have been successful by maintaining a consistent rapport with our clientele in residential custom home building and commercial construction. We personally manage each project from architectural drawing to certificate of occupancy, since each aspect of planning, estimate and contract is vital to the success of your project. We are especially proud of our continued service through our warranty program. We have designed a truly unique set of systems and procedures that ensure the proper attention is given to the details and that your project is completed in the quality and manner desired. We strive to provide you with the atmosphere and lifestyle you desire within your budget parameters. It is easy to understand why such a high percentage of our business comes from client referred work and why so many of our craftsmen and suppliers use Capaldo Builders to build custom homes and do remodel work for their family and friends.

    We understand just how critical it is for you to carefully select your builder with all that it involves, from a livable design through quality construction techniques, since these issues will directly influence the ultimate value of what you receive. Capaldo Builders respects you and your project. We support our promise to listen to your design ideas, adapting them to your budget, initiating discussions, and returning your phone calls promptly. We only engage in the highest ethical business conduct. We are proud of our reputation for the excellent custom homes and remodels that we build. Our list of satisfied clients epitomizes our dedication and resolve to each customer on a personal level.

    To discuss your ideas with us, call (614) 353-5184 for your no obligation consultation.

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