• Old technology Owes ecology An apology.

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    Your own property has the potential to be your source of heating and cooling comfort. Now you can get safe, reliable, energy efficient heating and cooling from one piece of equipment. Geothermal energy represents the leading edge of heating and cooling technology. It moves heat energy to and from the earth to heat and cool your indoor environment. And compared to ordinary systems, geothermal technology can save you up to 70%  on your monthly energy bills. Geothermal is the safest, cleanest, most reliable space conditioning system you can buy.

    Geothermal energy is an unlimited resource. The lot surrounding your property contains a vast reservoir of low temperature thermal energy, typically 10 times that required over an entire heating season. This resource is constantly resupplied by the sun, the surrounding earth, and heat rejected while cooling during the summer. You get a 30% federal government tax credit right off the top, so for example…a homeowner is spending $47,000.00 total to install a new geothermal vertical drilled heating and cooling system. Tax Credit: $47,000.00 x 30% = $15,666.65. The actual cost to the homeowner is $31,333.35. take note, if they had chose to purchase a conventional heating and cooling system, they would have to purchase two very noisy outside air conditioning units and two forced air furnaces costing a total of approximately $22,000.00. Now lets discuss their monthly energy bills respectively. Their home is 5850 square feet.  With the conventional system they pay approximately $600.00 a month in energy bills…they save 70% with their geothermal unit which is only $180.00 a month…now they saved 2,160.00 the first year, so in only about 3 years, they are ahead of the game, actually maybe even earlier, because we all now how AEP and Columbia Gas like to increase their rates often. AND, think about their re-sale value… who is going to buy their 5850 square foot home without this technology? Now, I know that is a lot of number crunching to digest so to put in perspective…geothermal homeowners are going to pay less taxes, save money, and protect our environment. This is our third geothermal savvy homeowner, it just makes sense.


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